D3 General Update Pattern

Ian Johnson, @enjalot, is creating Building Blocks – “a simple web application for editing code samples that are compatible with http://bl.ocks.org which is the de facto medium for sharing d3.js code examples.” His kickstarter campaign for the project is already funded twice over with 22 days left to go. It’s currently easy to go to bl.ocks.org and quickly be inspired by various projects. However, it’s more difficult to directly play around with the code. Ian Johnson is going to change this.

Building Blocks will allow many …

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The Nature of Learning Web Development

I started learning web development about three years ago. Many programmers and web developers that I have met started learning at a young age – high school or earlier. I, on the other hand, decided to start learning the web from scratch in 2012 after I had graduated from college. I always had an interest in computers and tech, but throughout my institutionalized academic career my passion was for physics and mathematics.  So I had never even written …

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An Intro to Git Rebase

What is a fast-forward merge?

Lets say we create a new, empty Git repository. We do an initial commit on the master branch, then checkout a new branch, new_branch, and make a couple commits on it.

We might have a Git history that looks something like this:

new_branch is a couple of commits in front of master. If we checkout master and merge with new_branch, we get this:

master was “fast-forwarded” to get …

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Value vs Reference Assignment in JavaScript

In my opinion, value vs reference assignment is an important topic that many JS beginners don’t stop and think about enough.

Let’s test your knowledge of this concept with some puzzles.

Puzzle #1:

This first puzzle is part of Douglas Crockford’s function challenges. You can watch some of his exercises in the free video sample at FrontEndMasters.

What is x?

function funky(o) { o = null; } var x = []; funky(x); alert(x);

o is a parameter …

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