A new way of discovering food

Mmmystery started when three other developers and I were discussing how people choose where to eat. Yelp is obviously the top dog when it comes to online reviews of local businesses and eateries. Some people I talked to said that they don’t even consider a restaurant that has less than three stars on Yelp. Others said that they go straight to the food pics when deciding where to eat. …

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Park Assist

Parking sucks. Especially in Los Angeles and especially in Santa Monica. A group of four developers, including myself, wanted to build an application to help alleviate some parking pain. There are already a lot of parking apps out there but none were quite what we were looking for.

Take a look at one of the existing apps we found:

Information overload – way too many options and things to look at. Plus, it was extremely …

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Sci Fly

“Real-time” is a buzzword that will only get more popular in the future. The term itself is a little indistinct and I can’t help wanting to roll my eyes every time I hear it. If “real-time” is a thing, is there such thing as “fake-time”?

When an app or business states that the service they provide is “real-time”, it depends on the context. It may mean that the service delivers information as it happens. It …

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