“How should this feature be broken up into tickets, PRs and deliverables?”

It’s a question that most scrum development teams ask every sprint. What works for one team may not work for another team. However, establishing some guidelines and daily practices can provide enormous benefits, especially for medium-sized development teams (4-9 people) that consist of engineers with a wide range of skill levels and skillsets.

By having the team agree to follow an established procedure, less time and decision-making is needed each sprint for the boring stuff …

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A new way of discovering food

Mmmystery started when three other developers and I were discussing how people choose where to eat. Yelp is obviously the top dog when it comes to online reviews of local businesses and eateries. Some people I talked to said that they don’t even consider a restaurant that has less than three stars on Yelp. Others said that they go straight to the food pics when deciding where to eat. …

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Park Assist

Parking sucks. Especially in Los Angeles and especially in Santa Monica. A group of four developers, including myself, wanted to build an application to help alleviate some parking pain. There are already a lot of parking apps out there but none were quite what we were looking for.

Take a look at one of the existing apps we found:

Information overload – way too many options and things to look at. Plus, it was extremely …

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Sci Fly

“Real-time” is a buzzword that will only get more popular in the future. The term itself is a little indistinct and I can’t help wanting to roll my eyes every time I hear it. If “real-time” is a thing, is there such thing as “fake-time”?

When an app or business states that the service they provide is “real-time”, it depends on the context. It may mean that the service delivers information as it happens. It …

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